How Being Away From Home Helps

Some people when going to college either go to another state, go to another country, they study close to home, or they stay in the same state just a bit away from home. Well, I’m apart of the students that decided to go to another state for college, which is Drake University.

On Your Own in a Place You Don’t Know

Being on your own at the age of 18 or 17 can be a bit scary, especially when you are going to be in another state. When moving from Wisconsin to Iowa, I didn’t know what to expect if I’m honest. I’ve only visited Iowa three times before moving in and one visited was a year apart to the other two visits. Not only that but my parents and I didn’t really explore the city in those three visits. So I was just going to a place without much knowledge and don’t know my way around. Hearing it out loud than thinking about it sounds a bit scary but it wasn’t that bad, especially since I made sure that I wasn’t alone when exploring.

Here are some tips to get to know the place you will be spending the majority of your time:

  • Try to bond with your roommate or make a small group of friends or one friend during orientation
  • Get to know your roommate, who knows maybe you will get along
  • Start to explore on grounds that are closer on campus
  • If going out for a target run or Walmart run, take a look around you
  • Listen to some suggestions that others have told you to explore
  • If going far away, take a look a small group of friends with you

The first place I went to with my roommate was the drake dinner.

Making Friends

For my fall semester I didn’t go out much because I was trying to find my way or my own routine in Iowa, this was a big change to me because my family doesn’t travel at all, the only time was during my college tour in junior year and even that doesn’t count as fun traveling. Not only that but I was struggling in general just adjusting which made me feel lonely and depressed at moments. However, I wasn’t that much alone because my roommate and I decided to try and bond with each other, that ended up being the best idea ever because we got close and formed this bond together. Soon other friends join us and we became our own little group.

Not only that but there are other ways to make friends in another state.

  • Join different clubs
  • Talk to people around you in class
  • Go out and hang out with your friends
  • Make a small thing like movie night

If feeling Lonely

Sometimes and not everyone are excited to move away from home but some do feel lonely. That is completely alright because you are trying to figure yourself out and trying to figure everything out. There are many ways to stop feeling lonely. At first the rush of being along was great but then I started to feel a bit out and lonely, which is completely alright but it will get better. I hanged out with my friends, talked to my parents, and went to counseling twice.

Here are some tips to help you out.

  • Hang out with your friends or friend
  • Explore around campus
  • Call or text your family
  • If your school have pet therapy go to that
  • Counseling