About Me | Keila Perez Serrano

Hello! Welcome to my blog!

Hello my name is Keila Perez Serrano. Welcome to my blog! To start off, I will be giving you a bit of information about me! I’m a first generation student, I go to Drake University, I’m the only child, I’m majoring in Multimedia Journalism, Digital Media Productions, magazine & Brand Media with a minor in Writing, I work in the Cowles Library, and I have three dogs.

Keila Perez Serrano’s Majors

I first got interested in Digital Media and Multimedia Journalism since high school. The first thing I was taught in high school was how to use Premiere Pro for video editing, after taking that class I knew I wanted to do something with Digital Media but I wasn’t sure what exactly. Then in my junior year of high school I decided to join this class called ITTV which is the news station for the school. Mid way through the school year, I loved doing multimedia journalism. That’s what got me into Multimedia Journalism and Digital Media Production. After Senior year and getting accepted to Drake I took a class that was require and it involved doing posters almost and I realized that way something fun I love to do. That’s what drew me into Magazine & Brand Media. My writing minor is a bit different but I loved to write, no matter what. I didn’t care if it was something small but I loved to write. So I decided to do a writing minor because as much as I love writing, I don’t see myself doing something much with it but my own little things.

Activities at Drake

I am apart of two activities organization at Drake University. The first one I’ve been apart of since being a First year is the Drake Broadcasting System. The Second organization is the Students Activities Board. In Drake Broadcasting System I’m the Entertainment Director in charge of helping and producing other students videos on the youtube channel and in charge of the TikTok account. Meanwhile, in the Students Activities Board I’m the Digital Media Co-Chair. I share that position with another student and we are in charge of taking pictures during events that Students Activities Board present.

Drake Broadcasting System – Entertainment Director