Craft Seaons

A craft show that I produced and directed since October 2023 as my first time as Entertainment Director of DBS. This show is brand new and still in the works. We make sure to post at least 2 episodes a month on the drakedbs youtube channel. After freshman year I wanted to be more involved in my sophomore year of college and one of the main things is creating a new show on something that I was interested in doing.

Fall 2023 Videos

Ghost Jars – Craft Season Ep 1.
Painting Pumpkins -Craft Season Ep.2
Making Hats – Craft Seasons Ep.3
Turkey hands – Craft Seasons Ep.4

Spring 2024 Videos

Cake Decorating – Craft Seasons Ep.5
Pots Of Gold – Craft Seasons Ep.6

More to Come…

Meet the Crew:

Entertainment Director, Craft Show Director, Producer, Floor Director & Editor: Keila Perez Serrano

Junior Producer, VP Entertainment, TD Director & Editor: Mel Munoz

Craft Seasons Host & General Member: Seth Coughlin

Craft Seasons Hosts & General Member: Reno Valentino