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How I Created Craft Season

One of the big things I knew I wanted to do when returning for my second year at Drake is to do a craft series on youtube. I’ve been interested before coming back to school on wanting to be more involved compared to my first year….

How Being Away From Home Helps

Some people when going to college either go to another state, go to another country, they study close to home, or they stay in the same state just a bit away from home. Well, I’m apart of the students that decided to go to another state for college, which is Drake University

Balancing Multiple Things in College

Ever since middle school, there are multiple clubs that students can join. Whether it’s for sports, art, sciences, history, books, etc. That continues all through out college. Especially since at Drake they have an activities fair. As the years go on and the older you get in school, they offer more clubs and they hit on your career or are close to your career…

Starting My Radio Show

From Editing, film content to working behind the scenes, to now doing something with just your voice, not showing your face and is out of my comfort zone was defiantly a complete change. It was also the best thing that could ever happened…