Balancing Multiple Things in College

Ever since middle school, there are multiple clubs that students can join. Whether it’s for sports, art, sciences, history, books, etc. That continues all through out college. Especially since at Drake they have an activities fair. As the years go on and the older you get in school, they offer more clubs and they hit on your career or are close to your career.

Joining Clubs Your Passion About:

In middle school, I didn’t join any clubs for two reasons. One was there wasn’t much being offered in my middle school that got me interested, two was because I wasn’t really able to join any clubs because of the times they are on and I wouldn’t have a ride to go back home. Once getting into high school, I decided to join my high schools news station, ITTV, in my junior year. Obviously during covid it was a hard time and very odd to learn on your own, especially if you didn’t know what to do on filming your news segment without having the teacher to help you out. Once understanding how to do all the content and with the way that the teacher/advisor wanted, it became more fun. I continued to do ITTV until my senior year of high school and even joined the schools newspaper in my senior year. Along with the youth apprenticeship, Link Crew, Jazz band, and work.

The best advice you can get from anyone is join clubs that you are interested or are curious. Sometimes it can be the best thing that can happened to you and it could lead you to what you want to do in the future or as a career. Sometimes it’s not the best thing, but that is alright because then you know that is something you don’t want to do in the future and you can take into consideration when joining other clubs that are similar to the one you weren’t a fan.

Another set of advice is to get started on joining at lest one club. This will help you so you can have experience in something else other then what electives you have for a class. Not only that but it help you balance everything out between school work and another thing that takes time. Which can help you in college when you are doing many other things and need to balance everything.

Balancing in High School to College

Balancing in high school to college is different for everyone. For some in high school it was harder and in college its easier, or it’s easier in high school compared to college. For me balancing in high school was much easier compared to college. Not only that but the tricked I used to do in high school that helped me balanced out everything didn’t work when I got to college. I tried very hard to do the same technique in high school but it didn’t helped at all. Which ended up with me having to do a different method in college. That is alright to change your methods because it’s good to be able to adopted to other methods quicker for a job which will help.

College is different level compared to high school. One factor is your living on your own, meaning you are taking care of yourself, making sure to eat, do your laundry, go to class, go to your activities, etc. Another thing is balancing your social life and your school life, having a good balance of going out and having fun with your friends and having a good balance in your school like on making sure to be on top of your class, doing everything you need to do in your clubs, etc.

Once finding the balance it will help you when you get older and start going to the work force after college. At first it will be hard to get a balance but once you start going into a certain rhythm it will be the easiest thing for you.